Stage 3 « LE CONQUET – ARZON » – Thursday September 16

Stage 3 « LE CONQUET – ARZON » – Thursday September 16

From Le Conquet, for the start of this final stage, we could not go further west on four wheels, and it was by bypassing Brest that we continued to explore Brittany around the Crozon peninsula.

After a mandatory “coffee break” stop at the top of Menez Hom, the highest point in the region, the competitors were now in the middle of Bigouden soil.

From village to village, it is an increasingly exceptional heritage and so rich in history, as if frozen in time, that the competitors were able to discover certain landscapes and settings which will remain as the highlights of this Littoral Tour.

The lunch break established in Locronan, a very impressive granite village, allowed everyone to enjoy a stop that was both tasty and touristy, with the Mayor himself as a guide!

However, it was necessary to leave the place and take the road again, towards Arzon and the Bay of Quiberon, by a more sinuous course allowing to organize the final classification test before a more rolling end of the day, with larger axes allowing to reach The Miramar La Cigale for the awards ceremony where we are, after reading this summary, celebrating the winners of this 1st edition of the Littoral Tour.

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